Like so many manufactured crises and items of ‘breaking news’ the headlines of the day in August of 2011 about America’s pending debt crisis and the following demise of all financial institutions in our country have now been mostly forgotten. This was to have been the time that the dollar lost its reserve status and the US markets crashed and never recovered.

In case the details have also disappeared from your memory, Standard & Poor’s rating service downgraded the US Debt from AAA to AA+. Many citizens of the world feared that this drop in ratings would transform America into the next Greece, as if the loss of one level would send debt buyers fleeing and lead us to a default. It was quite the circus as S&P announced the US would join such debt-ridden basket cases as Belgium and New Zealand in the AA+ group. The rating service pinned their ratings change on Congress for taking too long to raise the debt ceiling earlier that week and hit the circuit of talk-shows to whip up a frenzy among the American public.

They were successful as the S&P500 Index* dropped (actually plunged!) 6.6% in one day and most of the public speculated that the second financial crisis of the century had arrived. China blasted the US’s debt addiction and called for a new global reserve currency. And Chicken Little proclaimed ‘the sky is falling’.

Today, it’s clear the sky hasn’t fallen. Uncle Sam did not default, and investors didn’t dump US Treasurys whole-heartedly. China significantly increased its holdings of US Debt. Interest rates did not soar. Stocks did not implode. Capital markets did not need to reorganize, and neither did pension funds or other institutional investors.

And, as for the market falling apart, although the S&P500 Index did indeed drop by 6.6% immediately, since that time the Index has gone on to gain 158% (as of last night) over the following seven years. The dollar is still the primary reserve currency in the world, and yet another headline of impending disaster has gone on to the dustbin of old dead headlines.

Market Minute 6-29-2018 – The 4th of July

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